About My Journey

Health and fitness has become not only a passion but a way of life for me.

Growing up in a small town where looks were important to “fit in”. I remember, I was always a lot "bigger" then everyone,getting called ‘fat’ or told I was just bigger because of my genetics and the way I was built. I was always one to try anything to fit in but never really had that sense of belonging. I could never help but think if I was skinny, that would make me "fit" in better.

Looking back, My home town was a beautiful place that I was blessed to be raised in. I got to play hockey and figure skate in the winters. Spend weekends camping and exploring with girl guides in the summers. I got to take many family trips all over the world, But there was always something, missing for me.
Being who I am today I realize it was that sense of belonging, and feeling like I could fit in no matter what.

At the age of 18 I packed my stuff and moved to Calgary Alberta. Where I was going to start a new me, I was going to hair school to become a hair stylist and I was determined I was going to change my life, I didn’t really know how but I was going to do it. Later that year I met a girl from school who I started aqua size classes with. Every morning at 6am we would wake up meet at the local pool and do aura size fitness! 
I remember getting to Hair school on the days I went to the pool classes feeling so proud of my self.  My diet wasn’t the greatest at this point because I didn’t understand how healthy food effected my overall health but I knew was on the right track because I started to feel better!

I believe in baby steps, Lets make this a life style and not a punishment!

Slowly I started to cut back on the amount of junk I was consuming, pop I was drinking and I noticed people started asking if I was loosing weight, my clothes also started to fit better. I then signed up for hot yoga where I completely fell in love with the classes and the new things my body was able to do, like a headstand!

I remember singing up for Goodlife fitness thinking YES this is it! I’m going to the gym everyday…I went a few times but I had no idea what I was doing, I would go a few times a month watch the clock break a sweat and when 45 mins was up I would leave. I had that little fob on my keys and would look at it everyday thinking what a waste of money but I was stuck paying for a year. Over some time I never went because I just felt intimidated and lost when I did go.


After a few years I moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba where I was working full time as a hairstylist downtown and decided I was going to give the gym a better shot. I had met a few friends to go with and help me out, I signed up for a smaller gym that was right by my work place. They had a pool and yoga classes so it was perfect! I would push myself to go everyday after work and over sometime I got to know the people there and felt very comfortable as they would encourage and hold me accountable.

Later that year I made a friend who saw a little something in me and took the time to show me the in’s and out’s of lifting, He made me a program and I can say the game changed at that point. I remember feeling like a “boss” I had a program and goals to accomplish!

As the feeling of accomplishment was starting to settle in, I was building muscle, loosing weight and most importantly I was loving every part of it. People started to tell me how happy I seamed, My life begin to have that sense of belonging I was always thriving for. My co-workers, clients, friends all started to ask me for advice in the gym.

Fast forward to now……

It's NOT about being "skinny" its about finding something that YOU love.

Its about feeling Healthy and Happy, Finding something that challenges your self to become better each and everyday!

Life is beautiful and the sky is the limit.


After losing over 100 lbs, I am NOW Living my BEST life.

At the age of 31 feeling healthier and happier then I ever have, knowing I have been able to find a love and passion doing something I cherish each day.

Which as lead me to becoming a

Healthy living Expert, Fitness Influencer, Full Time Online Coach and Athlete.

My passion has truly changed my life and my DREAM is to share my experience and education with everyone.


The only person you should try to be better then is the person you were yesterday!

My Transformation

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